Be it hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, or research firms, we consult you on the challenges you face, or be the revenue generation solutions including opening avenues in a new country, dealing with medical legislations globally, or auditing processes, we at VirtHeal are your on stop solution to Collabrate, Research, ideate or consult you with anything that is healthcare! You challenge us and we will accept the challenge with open arms. Yes, we are confident we can assist.

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Whether you are looking to increase your revenue beyond your current geographical boundaries, or looking to increase your product base or enter a new category, our consulting solutions provide you real answers. We collaborate and consult with you so you can benefit from our knowledge, resources and networking.

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From path breaking innovations to understanding regulations and working on new drg research, we are your research and audit consultants that provide real solutions to challenges so you can benefit from the timely solutions and gain that advantage you seek. We have worked with 20+ brands in 5+ countries on research.

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Yes, we are in for innovation and the use of technology to ideat, innovate and benefit the population at large. While doing so, of course, you as the solutions provider get the first mover advantage within the geographical region of choice. We work closely with you as real-time consultants and use real data to validate.

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So, when we say we are unique, we mean it. We work unconventionally at times, to benefit the stakeholders, but it is all possible when we work for customisable solutions. So, when we get a request to transfer an entire operation theatre to a geographical region, we often do that in collaboration with the best specialists globally.

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So, let us keep it simple for you here. Whether you want us to connect you to a foreign government to set up a base, or connect you to intelligent investors, or work closely with you across the political boundaries to get your project off the ground and rolling, we do it with ease! We are truly your go to solutions provider for anything international.

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There is little we haven't heard of. There is a lot we have achieved, yet a lot to achieve to aide the healgth industry globally. For us, ideas are key and we take on challenging situations and issues at hand so we can benefit you, the stakeholder. Reach us for the challenges you face and we would be glad to work out a custom solution for your business.

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Yes, we do understand the challenges you face in supply chain. From increasing demands, to managing inventory, push sales, automate process while saving operational costs, a business goes through multiple challenges in Supply Chain. We help resolve and/or minimise issues based on technology and local experiences.

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We know the need for your business to expand locally, regionally, nationally or globally. We get that. And we are available to help. Whether you are a manufacturer or a service provider or an individual healthcare professional, we provide custom solutions for you to expand to the area of your choice. We strive so you can benefit.

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Yes, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and perhaps one industry that will greatly benefit from this technology is the Health Industry. We work closely with various stakeholders within the research and development field and manufacturers who use/ are in the process of using AI to boost service levels and revenues.


I took my mother to Gurgaon for her neuro-surgery. The results have been pleasantly surprising to say the least. VirtHeal staff too so much care of us and we felt like home in our Medical trip to India.

My wife and I were looking for a good fertility clinic and VirtHeal organised this for us. We connected with the doctors way before our travel, and knew exactly who was treating us. Kudos, VirtHeal.

My Dad was suffering from a heart ailment for many years. Being in Iraq, this medical problem was difficult to address. Thank you VirtHeal for helping us find the right doctors and the treatment.

Just let us know. We will be happy to assist you.


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