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Once you contact us, our doctor on Panel speaks to you and after a fair understanding of your condition then connects you to a specialist Doctor of your choice. You get free consultations with the Specialist doctor, and you know exactly who will treat you. There are no surprises.
Yes, all consultations before your treatment are free, including our doctor on Panel and the specialist doctor. This helps you and the Doctor know each other well before you meet for treatment.
Well, you can travel for different reasons, the primary reason being affordability and specialised treatment by experienced doctors, using the latest technology. However, we do have Doctors-on-the-go to treat you in your country, if you are willing to spend additionally. Quite often, if there are more than a couple of patients that a doctor is travelling to treat, that cost also reduces.
We help arrange and plan for your travel including documentation, visa and travel processes, so you can relax. We do this for hundreds of patients each year and our experienced team ensures the process is fast and smooth.
We have a team of 150+, who speak a number of languages. From meeting you at the airport to having a dedicated call centre number, to being with you at every step of the treatment and local travel and tours, we will only leave you alone if you wish us to do so!
Our team stays with you through most of your journey on the trip, hence we would always be there to help. We also have well-stocked pharmacies on board, emergency doctors on call and Emergency medical facilities to ensure your safety at all times.
Your loved ones get the benefit of tracking you live at each step, including when you check in to the hotel or the hospital or the operating room and your situation. They can also connect to your call centre any time to pass on or get any information.
Yes, of course! We stay with you even long after the treatment to ensure your safety and post-treatment care, including advising and consulting you at every step. Rest assured, we are your Virtual Hospital.

Just let us know. We will be happy to assist you.


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