From arranging your travel documents to the air travel, and meet and greet when you reach here, multilingual guides, local transportation, tours, sightseeing and local events, to your food of choice while staying at an accommodation you are most comfortable with, we are your travel escorts at every step!

VirtHeal-Best HealthCare Tourism

We know it isn't easy to travel especially for treatment, to a country you know very little about. Well, rest assured, you are in caring hands with VirtHeal. From ensuring virtual connections with your doctors much before you travel, to arranging visas and travel arrangements including documentation, we ensure your planning for the journey is seamless. Our rep meets you at the airport, and escorts you to your choice of accommodation, where we ensure your comfortable stay and arrange your food of choice. Your check in to the hospitals are looked after by your rep as well. And of course, your rep speaks your language too, so the right communication is never lost. Beyond your medical procedures, we take care of your local transport, guides, sightseeing trips and local events you may want to witness. In short, we stay with you at every step so your medical journey is full of pleasantries and comfort.



Virt Heal - medical tourism company india


We have guides that can speak over 30 languages. From English to Arabic, besides European and African languages, we ensure there is always someone 24x7 who you can communicate with.

Virt Heal -Best medical tourism in india


Whatever your choice of accommodation -from comfortable guest houses to plush hotels, you are never far from what you are seeking. At VirtHeal we find you the best deals there are, at the time.

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Getting around town, and finding your bearings can sometimes be hard. With VirtHeal, we ensure you are in safe hands and at the comfort you desire with a range of local transport options.

Virt Heal - best medical tourism india


Coming to India, and leaving without exploring the culture, traditions and monuments would not be fair. Let us get you around with a range of bespoke options that are built around your plans.

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Whether you are seeking local traditional events, comedy standups or plays or a night at the movies in a foreign land, we have your bookings covered with a range of choice on display for the day.

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Whether you are looking for home taste of food within a foreign land or striving to still get a taste of local cuisine, we have a range of options that are offered based on your location and budget.

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We know you are in a foreign land. Whether its a quick question you need an answer for or an immediate need that you need help with, we have you covered 24x7 in a language of your choice.

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Medicines, or equipment, whatever you need at any time of the hour, we have pharmacies available to deliver your medical needs at any time of the day or night, wherever you are, rest assured.

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Emergencies can strike at a time when you don't expect, but don't worry- we have you covered 24x7, your doctors and support staff are on call to tackle the situation with the best care at hand.

Just let us know. We will be happy to assist you.


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